How to Add the Custom Form to a Page

Before you insert the form to a page, make sure that the custom form is already built. Click here on how to build the custom form. You can add a Custom Form to a page in 6 easy steps:

1.Log in to your Control Panel.
2. Click on Pages tab.
3. Click on the gear icon for a page where you want to add the Form. 
4. Click the Drop Down under Insert Form list, then select the Form under Custom Section. (Note: if the page is a New Page or a page not yet created, the Page will have to be created first before the drop down will show up.) 
5. Click Save button.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Custom Form to a page.


1.  The Admin e-mail on file will be notified once a form is filled in.
2.  The lead will also be saved in the My Leads section.

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