What are Auto-Fill Categories (AFCs)?

An Auto-Fill Categories (AFC) is a page on your Ubertor website that is automatically filled and sorted with reciprocity properties corresponding to a predefined filter.

For example, a Yaletown Condo AFC:

  1. Creates a page in your Ubertor website called Yaletown Condos.
  2. This page is automatically filled and constantly updated with the latest reciprocity listings that are condos in Yaletown.
  3. This page can then be sorted by price, property age, or property square footage.

AFCs may be created based on almost any criteria; for example:

  • 3 bedroom Downtown Penthouses
  • Homes in Kitsilano with basements
  • $1,000,000 homes in North Vancouver

Properties listed in an AFC are accessible from the Control Panel of your Ubertor website. Thus, there are several limitations associated with AFCs:

  1. You cannot edit the information for any of the properties in an AFC.
  2. You cannot remove a property from an AFC.
  3. AFCs are only available for Active (not sold) properties.
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