How to use the AFC Builder?

You can create an AFC in 3 easy steps:


1. Click on "New AFC" button on any of the options:


2. For Area/Property type/Sub Area/Bedroom and Bathroom number AFC, click "Standard AFC tab. For Office AFC, click the Office AFC tab and Building Specific tab for Building AFC.

Setting up For Area/Property type/Sub Area/Bedroom and Bathroom number AFC:

- Add the Page name and Menu title

- Select the Area

- Under Subareas, please check at least one or all, like this:

The sub areas is not recommended for DDF users though.

- Select the property type, if applicable

- Set the price (optional)

- Set the number of Bed and Bath (optional)

Setting up for Office AFC:

- Type in the brokerage name until the results show up the suggestive text box appears. Below is a screenshot:

3. Click "Create New AFC"

Congratulations! You’ve just created an AFC.


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