What is Ubertor’s policy on website statistics?

Ubertor does not provide website statistics for any clients. All Ubertor sites do, however, integrate with any web stats provider.

You can setup Stats on your Ubertor website by clicking on the blue Stats button (to the left of the Help button in the top-right). This page has steps that will walk you through setting up stats on your website.

Ubertor recommends that our clients sign up for a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is a replacement to Urchin and has the following benefits:

  1. It is free.
  2. It is robust and fully featured.

The downside of Google Analytics is that there is a signup waiting list for using the service. The downside of waiting for a Google Analytics account is offset by the longterm benefit that Google Analytics will provide. 

Ubertor communicate this with the client via a templated email titled EXT. Email Stats Google (1st Stats Email). 

If the client prefers not to wait for Google Analytics, then Ubertor provides another free stats solution called Webalizer. 

Webalizer is not fully featured and takes 24 hours to activate. 

Ubertor communicates this with the client via a templated second email titled EXT. Email Stats Webalizer (2nd Stats Email) 

The Webalizer solution is a temporary one. Ubertor will not update Webalizer once Google statistics program is re-opened.

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