How do I add REBGV property searching to a website?

You can add REBGV property searching to a website in three easy steps:

NOTE: Before beginning, check to ensure that the Vancouver CID preference is set under the Listing section of the Preferences.

  1. The client must request the permission to use for property searching from REBGV first by submitting the form attached to this solution.
    1. NOTE : Once approved, REBGV will respond to the realtor with a CID number
  2. Create a URL for the client’s personalized property search by choosing a search type and filling in the blank in the URL below:
    1. Address:
    2. Traditional:
    3. MLS #:
    4. Map
    5. For example, if the CID number is 1150593 and the search type is Traditional, then the URL would be:
  3. Add this URL as an external link to the main menu of the Ubertor website.

NOTE : You can refresh the template if it is out of date by appending ’&templaterefresh=1’ to the end of the URL. 

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added property searching to an Ubertor website.

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