How can I create and configure a new Gmail account?

You can create a new Gmail account in 4 easy steps:

NOTE: Gmail accounts are by invitation only. Invitations can be sent from

  1. Setup the email alias in
  2. Accept the invitation and create a new Gmail account.
    1. The username should be company.firstname (e.g. dexter.dawn)
    2. The security question should be "Which company registered your email?"
    3. The answer should be "Ubertor."
  3. Setup the email alias as the main address for the Gmail account
    1. Click on the Settings link in the top-righthand corner of Gmail.
    2. Click on Accounts
    3. Click "Add another email address"
      NOTE: A popup window will appear
    4. Enter the email alias and click "Next Step"
    5. Click the "Send Verification" button
    6. Check Gmail’s inbox for the email. Copy and paste the verification code into the textbox in the popup to add the new account.
      NOTE:The new account will appear on the Settings -> Accounts page.
    7. Click the link to the right of the account to make it the main account. Now all mail sent from the Gmail account will have the email alias as the return mail account.
    8. Follow the directions in the popup window, using the email
  4. Configure the Gmail account to use the email alias as the primary email
    1. On the Settings page, click on Forwarding and POP
    2. Select the radio button for "Enable POP for all Mail" and click "Save Settings."
    3. Follow the instructions for setting up your local mail client to use Gmail.

Congratulations! You have successfully created and configured a new Gmail account.

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