How do I change someone’s property search type / style?

You can change someone’s property search type / style in three easy steps: 

  1. Log into the Control Panel and click on the Preferences tab
  2. Click to expand the ’Listing Configuration’ section
  3. Select the desired search type from ’Property Search Type’

Congratulations! You’ve just changed the property search type! 

Details : There are three different property search types :

  • Classic (/listing/detailed) similar to : 
    this view provides the classic Vancouver RealtyLink style interface with drop down boxes for selecting search criteria
  • 3 Column (/listing/list) : 
    this view gives three lists for region, area, and property type. Clicking on a region gives all applicable areas, and when an area is clicked, only available property types (with a count of listngs) is provided.
  • Ajax (/listing/search) : 
    this interface combines the robust search features of detailed with relative search criteria of the list view. Select an area and property type to get a view of exactly how many houses are availabe and what ammenities you have to select from. Using Ajax technology, each time you narrow your selection the active listing count refreshes.

NOTE : To change the search type in Pyro1, please create and escalate a case to Tier 3. 

NOTE: Pyro1 does not support Ajax search.

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