How do I show names & contact info for 2 realtors on the same site?

NOTE: This feature is available only to Premium members. 

You can show names and contact information for two realtors on the same site in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Go to the ’Agent Information’ section of the ’Preference’ page of the Control Panel
  2. Fill in the fields for the ’Custom’ agent
  3. Set the value of ’Contact Source’ to "main".

The Agent Information section controls information in several places:

  • the contact information in the header
  • the business card below all listings
  • the Blog By _Agent_Name_ on the blog page

Except for the business card, these areas pull information from either 1st agent, 2nd agent, or custom. Setting Contact Source to either 1, 2, or main toggles where these fields draw their information. 

You can keep data for two different agents distinct by filling in their data into 1st agent and 2nd agent and then combine it in Custom for display purposes. 

Filling in custom data and setting the Contact Source will not alter the business card section of the details page. 

Ubertor websites do not natively support more than two realtors.

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