How do I display my Twitter Feed on my Home page?

You can display the latest 5 Tweets on your Home page in 5 easy steps.

  1. Log into your Control Panel by going to
  2. Click on the Marketing Tab, and once it loads, click on the Social Networking tab, then click on the Twitter sub-tab.
  3. If you already have your Twitter Pairing set up, skip to step 5.
  4. Enter your Twitter Login or Email address, followed by your Twitter password. This will set up Twitter Pairing with your website.
  5. Click on the ’Add Widget’ button to add your Twitter Feed Widget to the Home page.

Note: If the widget is already added to your Home Page, the ’Add Widget’ button will change to ’Remove Widget’, and you can click it to remove the Widget from your Home Page.

Note 2: If you would like to see a number of Latest Tweets diffrent from the default 5, please contact Live Help, and we will be happy to change that for you.


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