How can I post my listings on

You can post your listings on following these easy steps:

*Before going to, follow these 4 steps to acquire all the information you will need from your control panel to post the listing on Craigslist:

  • Log in to the control panel of your website
  • Click ’Listings’
  • Click the specific listing you want to add to Craigslist
  • Scroll down, and click ’V-Flyer’


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the city where you wish to post your listing
  3. Click on "Real Estate for Sale" under the "Housing" category
  4. Click on the "Post" link in the upper-right hand corner of the page
  5. Click on "I am offering a house"
  6. Click on "Real Estate for Sale"
  7. Type the list price in the "Price" field
  8. Type a title for the posting in the "Posting Title" field
  9. If you wish, type the specific location of the property in the field provided
  10. For ’Description’ copy and paste the HTML code provided in Description in the V-Flyer in your control panel.
  11. Type your email address in the space provided. 
    NOTE : You have the option of keeping your email address anonymous. Select either "user this email address as my reply-to" or "reply to anon...."
  12. Type the address in the space provided
  13. Type the 5-letter verification word that appears in the space provided, then click "Continue"
  14. Click "Accept the terms of use"

You will receive an email shortly from Follow the instructions in the email you receive to publish your posting. 

Congratulations! You have successfully posted your listing to

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