What is a mini-site and how does it work?

Impress homeowner’s with a unique and relevant domain for their listing. Attract attention with a memorable domain. You can register a domain that is the listings address, neighborhood or descriptive of a selling characteristic of the home!

To use this feature:

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Click the "Listings" tab
  3. Click on your desired listing
  4. Click the "Mini-Site" tab and follow the steps then click the button at the bottom to save changes.

You can register your new domain by clicking the button under Step 1 and get your domain live in 5 minutes.

Leads can type in that unique domain into their web browser and be automatically taken to that specific listings. No searching, no clicking.

Promote your minsite: 
- On flyers
- Email newsletters
-  Top of For Sale signs 
- On postcards

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