How can I access my key words, meta tags, and page titles for my website?

You can access your Keywords, Meta-tags and Page Titles in 3 easy Steps:

  1. After logging in to your Control Panel, click on the ’Pages’ tab at the top of the page.
  2. Hover your mouse over to the right of the page that you’d like to edit, click Settings and select ’Search Engine Optimization’.
  3. Add your Keywords and Page titles to the appropriate fields and click on ’Update’.

Congratulations! You’ve just updated the Keywords, meta-tags, and page titles for your website.

Helpful Hint: Don’t stuff the keyword box with a long list of keywords. Choose 5-8 relevant words, separated by space and don’t repeat the words.  Did you know that keywords are primarily used to see if you are trying to spam or fool the search engines? 

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