How can I test my CSS with a Ubertor Website?

Ubertor’s flexible and open design ensures you can style your content to your liking. All markup and HTML is generated by the Ubertor Software and cannot be changed. This ensures your site will be compatiable with new features we release. Don’t worry the power of CSS allows you to control any and all display aspects of your webste site. You can display a one, two and even an three column website with your CSS file.

Test your CSS files on your Ubertor website in 4 easy steps:

1. Publish your CSS file! Save your CSS file to a remote server, or a local host.

NOTE: Ensure that your CSS file is available to your web browser. Check it by visiting it through your web browser. * e.g. http://localhost/css/my.css or

2. Type the URL of your Ubertor website into your browser address bar.
* e.g.

3. Add ?remote_css= to your Ubertor URL within your your address bar.
* e.g. ?remote_css=

4. Finally, add the address of your CSS file, then click enter to visit the full address.
* e.g. ?remote_css=http://localhost/css/my.css

Congratulations! You are now viewing your websites content styled with your CSS!


- The file and its effects appear only to you, until the files are uploaded to the site itself.
- Feel free to browse the site; the location of your CSS file will be stored in a cookie and automatically applied on every subsequent page load until you close the browser.
- Avoid using relative image and file paths; if your local CSS file references /storage/file/image.jpg, which is located on the Ubertor website, the image will not display. The full file path is necessary for your CSS to reference site files.

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