How to create a listing category?

A Custom Category is a grouping of listings explicitly defined by you that appear together on a custom subpage of your Ubertor website.

An example is if you wanted a page under Properties called "Penthouses," then you could create a Penthouse category and all listings that are part of that category will automatically appear under the Penthouse page.

Custom Categories only work with listings you have imported into your website and must be populated by hand.

Here's how to create a listing category:

1. Click on Listings tab

2. Click the "Custom Category" icon

3. When the pop up box appears, fill in the details of your listing category. Make sure that the first few listings are uploaded to the website prior to creating this.

4. Choose which listings will be included in that category.

5. Click on "Create New Category Page"

6. The newly created page will be found on the Pages tab located at the last part of the pages.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a specific listing category!

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