How do I copy and paste using Microsoft Notepad?

If you are having trouble copying and pasting content into your Ubertor website, Microsoft Notepad can help by removing all textual formatting.

NOTE: Sorry, Ubertor does not provide support for third party products. For support, please:

  • contact your product’s manufacturer
  • search the internet
  • consult your local Yellow Pages for Computer Equipment-Service & Repair

Notepad Instructions (for reference only as of 12/12/2005)

Open the Content Editor for the page you wish to edit, and complete the following steps :

  1. Type the text you wish to paste to your website in your word processor. Don’t bother changing fonts, sizes, colours or adding bullets, as these will be removed as you go along, but be sure to take advantage of the spell-check.
  2. Using the mouse, highlight the text you wish to copy.
  3. Select “Copy” from the Edit menu.
  4. Open Notepad. Generally, this can be found by clicking on the Start Menu, choosing Programs, and then Accessories.
  5. Select “Paste” from the Edit menu.
  6. Select “Select All” from the Edit menu.
  7. Select “Copy” from the Edit menu.
  8. Return to your web browser. Be sure the cursor is at the place where you want to paste the text.
  9. Select “Paste” from the Edit menu.

Congratulations, you have successfully copied and pasted from Notepad!

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