How can I add comments to my Ubertor Blog?

You can add comments to your Ubertor blog in a few easy steps: 

1. Access
2. Create an account, and insert your: 

  • Website URL
  • Website Name
  • Website Shortname (very important since will be used later)

3. Next, fill out your primary moderator information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • E-mail

4. Click ’Continue’
5. On this new screen you can select trackbacks and login with other media like Twitter, Google, Facebook and Yahoo so that anyone can comment even if they don’t have a disqus account. Click ’Continue’
6. Click on Universal Code on the next screen and copy the code 
7. Share the code with the Ubertor Specialist. Please check the image below for reference.
8. Once you paste the code and We’ll take care of the rest
9. Manage your comments via your account.

This setup can also be done by setting up an Intense Debate account at It works exactly the same way as



Congratulations! You have successfully added comments to your Ubertor blog.
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