How do I point my Domain to my Ubertor website?

Purchased your Domain Name (e.g. from a company other than Ubertor? You must update your Name Servers to point your Domain to your website.

Are you confused? 
We were too, so here is some helpful information from your Ubertor Development Team. 

First, (a little background on the whole situation) :

  1. A Domain Name ( is an Alias (text name) corresponding to the numeric IP address of your website on the Internet.
  2. Humans are better at remembering and relating to text names. Computers like numbers. To bridge this digital divide Registrars maintain a massive database of which Domain Names belong to what IP addresses.
  3. You pay your Registrar an annual fee for this translation service, as it is an ongoing service; every-time someone types in your domain name you Registrar must tell their computer which IP address they should go to.

Second, (how to point your domain to your website) 

  1. If you registered your domain with another reseller
    1. Contact your Registrar.
    2. Ask them to point your domain to Ubertor’s Name Servers:
  2. If you registered your domain through
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the My Account link in the black sub-nav section below the red navigation menu.
    3. Under "Domain Names"click on "Manage Domain Names"
    4. Click on the domain which you want to manage
      1. On the right hand side of the screen you will see your Domain Details
      2. Under Nameserver Summary, click the "Click Here to See Details..." link
      3. Three input boxes will appear. Delete the contents of them and repace them with:
      4. Click the green Save Changes button and you’re done
  3. Wait up to 72 hours for this change of address to take effect.



Congratulations, you have pointed your domain to your website!

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