What is the difference between having text and images to Search Engine Optimization?


Text or just an Image? 

Many Realtor websites are full of images. Not just images of homes or Realtor headshots but images of text. This is not a good thing for the search engines! 

What does that mean? 

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and MSN send out what are called crawlers. They crawl your website and index all the text and images found on your website. Google does not ignore images especailly with their image search capability, but text is the thing that is of the utmost importance for search engines. When you add an image be sure and use the Alt tag so that search engines know what your image "looks like"  


Do you have text on your site related to a specific keyword? Are you using that Keyword in the body of your content?


Contact the team at Reach’d and have them look at your website through the eyes of a search engine.


Reach’d provides Search Engine Workshops accredited by the Search Engine Academy.


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