What does a Google SEO Enhancement include?

The Google SEO Setup Package is a step towards integrating with Google. 

NOTE: The google SEO package does not directly affect how your site displays on Google. 

Unlock the SEO features of your website to gain full control over all metadata and header information of your website and listings.

Activate the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Address of your listing to ensure it is found by buyers from Google, Yahoo and MSN. Filling in all the Address Box fields will help your listing appear high in the organic SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). Ubertor continually monitors and tests for the latest cutting edge methodlogies to ensure your listings are always found.

Optimization of your Links and Page Titles, Alt Tags, complimentary H-Tags, Sitemap priorities and Keywords are some of the areas of your site code you will gain access to with the SEO Enhancement, that you can craft to get you the leads your Home Sellers demand.

To activate this feature, please chat with us by visiting http://livehelp.ubertor.com

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