What is FeedBurner?

FeedBurner is a free, third party service that complements your Ubertor website RSS feed. 

Though the FeedBurner is a free service, it does require manual setup:

  1. Do It Yourself setup instructions are available upon request.
  2. A FeedBurner Setup package may be purchased and activated in your website Control Panel on bottom of the Dashboard page (The fire icon in the middle)

You can read more about what RSS means and what FeedBurner can do for you here: 

What is RSS :

  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy, automatic way to let people know about new Blog posts on your website.

All Ubertor memberships have a pre-installed and activated RSS feed. 

Automatically, your Ubertor website will create a new Blog post whenever

  1. you add a new listing
  2. you create an open house
  3. you change the status of your listing (e.g. ’Active’ to ’Sold’)

You can also create a Blog posting by hand from the Control Panel. 

RSS readers can subscribe to your Ubertor website’s RSS feed by going to http://yourDomain.com/rss.

  • For example: if your website is http://johnSmithRealty.com, your RSS feed is located at http://johnSmithRealty.com/rss
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