I want visitors to my website to be allowed to search the complete MLS system (co-brand). What feature do I need to add and how much is it?

Framing in mls.ca to your site is free for clients.

You can seemlessly iFrame the Canadian MLS search in 4 easy steps.

1. In order to frame in an MLS search you must first contact CREA to provide you the appropriate access and URL: 
- CREA offers various options for agents to frame mls.ca; All agents are allowed to frame their own listings on mls.ca. 
- CREA will generate the appropriate URLs upon request submitted at helpdesk@crea.ca
- The brokers for an office may request a URL collecting all the listings posted on mls.ca by their office. 
- The newly developed Permissions Technology allows agents to frame the entire mls.ca, with the search engine and all the listings. This option depends on whether you are part of a board that has opted to participate in this technology or not. 
2. Having received your URL from CREA, go to your Control Panel, click on "Pages", and create a new page within your Content Manager. 
3. Paste the URL address into the Framed Property Search field at the bottom of the page.
4. Click the "Create Page" button.

Congratulations, you have successfully framed in the MLS.ca property search!

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