What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy, automatic way to let people know about new Blog posts on your website. 

All Plus and Premium Ubertor memberships have a pre-installed and activated RSS feed. 

Automatically, your Ubertor website will create a new Blog post whenever :

  1. you add a new listing
  2. you create an open house
  3. you change the status of your listing (e.g. ’Active’ to ’Sold’)

You can also create a Blog posting by hand from the Control Panel. 

RSS readers can subscribe to your Ubertor website’s RSS feed by going to http://yourDomain.com/rss.

  • For example: if your website is http://johnSmithRealty.com, your RSS feed is located at http://johnSmithRealty.com/rss

NOTE: Ubertor software also integrates with FeedBurner to provide you with a richer, more robust RSS feed. You can read more about what RSS means and what FeedBurner can do for you here: 

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