How do I remove the banner from a single page?

Note: For this to work, you’d need to have the SEO package active. 

You can remove the banner of a regular page using the following instructions:

1. On your control panel, click on the page that you want to remove the banner.
2. On every page there is the HTML icon, copy the code that is in there: 20100319- bx48c153wm9hseyghx7knx5j4b.jpg
3. After copying the code, click on the Marketing tab
4. Click on "Landing Page"
5. Check out this screenshot: 20100319-cqbrjn1rs54wfp33tnrfajse8d.jpg

  • Type in the a page name
  • Type in a page title (no duplicate page titles please) 
    Note: "Page Title" should have no spaces. You could use a dash. (e.g What-our-clients-are-saying) While "Page names" are labels to the page tab, you can add spaces to them :)
  • Choose what to add on your landing page, either banner, masthead, menus or footer
  • Click on the HTML icon and paste the code from there.

6. Click on "Publish page"
7. Your published landing page will now go to the Pages tab: cj4e8s7e3ng1si7rysybnrpbr9.jpg
8. You can then "show" the page to make it public or even have Live Help change the name of the page to remove the /landing/ part of the page.

Congratulations! You have removed a banner from a single page!

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