How do I add a splash page to my website?

To add a splash page to your website you need to follow these steps.

1. Upload your flash animation to the library.

a) Login to your control panel
b) Click Pages, then click Library
c) Choose Flash for a page and hit Next.
d) Follow these 3 steps to load it.

2. Create a new page by going to Pages and name it Splash. Add the flash animation to your page by doing the following:

  a. Click "Pages"
  b. Click on the page you want to add the Flash (.swf) file to
  c. Click in the blank white space where you want to add the Flash (.swf) file
  d. In the Content Editor click the icon that looks like a "Green Movie Reel", if you hover it, it will say "Insert/Edit Embedded Media"
  e. Choose the file from the "List" and click "Insert"

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Flash (.swf) file to your website

3. After you save, click on pages, go to the Splash page, hover over the magnifying glass and select move to front. This will make this your home page.

4. You may also include this code to match the background color of the screen on the page called splash with the color of the animation.

body.splash {background:#000000;}

The choice of color will depend on the flash movie background colour.

In this case, the splash page is called .splash. For other configurations the selector name may be different.

5. On splash, hover over the magnifying glass again and choose Hide Page.

6. Add this piece of CSS code to your CSS tab by clicking on Setup > CSS.

#ubertor.splash {
#ubertor.splash #menu’outer{display:none;}
#ubertor.splash #page’footer{display:none;}
#ubertor.splash #page’header’outer {display:none;}
#ubertor.splash #container’outer{border:none;}
#ubertor.splash #container’outer{border:none;}
#ubertor.splash #container’inner{

Click the to check the acknowledgements and save changes.

Note: Remember to add a skip intro button to your animation linked to your real homepage.

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