How can I save images for sold listings by using my MLXchange account?

NOTE: We’re sorry, Ubertor does not provide support for third party products. For support, please:

  • contact your product’s manufacturer
  • contact your MLS Board

MLXChange Instructions (for reference only as of 1/8/2006) : 

  1. Log into your MLXchange account
  2. Find your listing
  3. Go to the photos page
  4. Click to view the large version of the image
  5. Right-click on the large photo and select "Save picture as..." from the menu
  6. Select a location on your computer to save the picture.
  7. Repeat with each photo

Once you have collected all of the photos from MLXChange, log into the Control Panel for your Ubertor website and upload the pictures to the appropriate listing.

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