How do I copy text from Microsoft Word into my Site?

Note : You CANNOT copy text straight from Microsoft Word into your website's page editor. 

You must strip your text of all Word styling by first copying the text into the clipboard icon in your HTML editor menu. 

    1. Open the Word document that contains the text for the webpage.
    2. Select the text that you wish to copy from Microsoft Word [Ctrl + C or Edit > Copy]
    3. In your Ubertor control panel, click Pages then click the page where you will be pasting the text. 
    4. Click the Clipboard Icon with a blue W on it and paste in the text there. [Ctrl + V or Edit > Paste] 
    5. Hit Insert then click Update Page.

Congratulations!  You have successfully used the Word clipboard tool to "Clean-up" the text from Microsoft Word.

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