How do I frame in the form I just created in Google Documents to my Ubertor website?

You can frame in the form you just created using Google Documents into your Ubertor website in a few easy steps:

  1. Copy the URL for the Google Form (which can be found on the last step).

  2. Log in to the control panel of your Ubertor website.
  3. Click Pages
  4. Click Create New Page
  5. Label the page to match the form you are going to frame in
  6. At the bottom of the page,  paste the URL for the Google Form into the framed property search box and click update page.


Congratulations! You have successfully framed in your custom Google Form into your Ubertor website.

Want to see some example forms, we completed in just 5 minutes?

Important Notes:

  • Everytime the form is filled out, the information will be saved directly to your Google Spreadsheet (which of course, can be found in your GMail account with your Google Documents).
  • You can have Google send you an email everytime the form is filled out. Simply select the option ... 


Please watch video here.

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