How can I create third party custom forms for my website?

Here are 3 awesome sites where you can create Custom Forms! It’s quick, easy, and reliable. You will be able to manage and organize your leads with your new forms and Ubertor website.
  1. Click on ’New Form’ at the top right of the page
  2. Add the fields you need and click Save at the bottom when done.
  3. Select Step 2 to have the form email you when filled out. Fill out the email in the "to My Inbox" field and save.
  4. Once saved, click on the "Code" link under the form’s name. Select "Embed Form Code" and give it to our representatives on Live Help.
First, you will need a Google Account. You can sign up for a Google Account here.

Once you have your Google Account set up, access your Gmail and now you can being to create your customized forms:

  1. Click Documents in the top left corner of your Gmail account.
  2. Click on New and then click Spreadsheet

  3. Click on the Form in the menu of the new spreadsheet, then click Create Form.
  4. Start editing your form and for the first step, you’ll need to give your form a title and description. Then you can type in a question along with some help text and choose what type of question it will be: textbox, multiple choice, checkboxes, or choose from a list. Once you are finished with the form, click Save then under More Actions, Embed and copy the code from there. You can customize your closing message under the More Actions option called Edit Confirmation.


Please watch video here.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed your Google Document form.

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