How do I troubleshoot a Google Map for a property in my Ubertor Website?

You can troubleshoot a Google Map for a property in your Ubertor Website in 2 easy steps: 

Are you registered to use Google Maps? Check the Dashboard of your Control Panel to make sure that you have a Google Maps Key by following these steps:

  1. In your Dashboard check to see if the Google Map Enhancement is turned on (It looks like a globe with the Ubertor logo).
  2. Make sure the Map API is already filled out on step 2.

Is the address for your property in the correct format?

Follow these 4 easy steps to check the address:

    1. Click on the property address on the Listings page in your Control Panel.
    2. Click on the Map tab to show the map options.
    3. Look under the Manual Override options. Make sure that the Google Maps are enabled there. 
    4. If the maps are not working, click "Search" and then click "Select".

NOTE : If your Ubertor website is unable to find the location, a text box with the property’s address will appear. 

  1. Check the address to make sure it is correct. Sometimes the following mistakes can make the location difficult for your website to find:
    • Unit numbers at the beginning of the address
    • Incorrect city (e.g. Vancouver West instead of Vancouver)
    • Street directions appearing before the street type (e.g. West Broadway St. instead of Broadway St. West)
  2. Correct your address and resubmit it by clicking the "Search" and then the "Select" buttons.
  3. If your website still cannot find your listing, go to and search for the address. If it can’t find your address, it will give you some alternate suggestions.

Congratulations, you have troubleshot Google Maps for your Ubertor Website!

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