How do I format the text of a Web Page?

You can perform most text formatting in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Login into your Control Panel and click on ’Pages’ tab.
  2. Click on the page under ’Main Menu’ whose text you want to format. 
    • Bold or Italicize Text :
      1. Highlight the text you wish to format.
      2. Select the “Bold” or “Italic” button from the button bar from the toolbar.
    • Add a Link :
      1. Highlight the text you want to make into a link
        • links can either point to a web page or an email address
      2. Click on the “Insert a Web Link” button from the toolbar. 
        NOTE : The “Insert / Modify Link” window will appear.
      3. Type the URL of the link in the “Insert / Modify Link” window.
        • for a web link: e.g.
        • for a link to a page in your website: e.g. /PageName.php
        • for an email address: e.g.
      4. Click the “Ok” button.
    • To Make a Bulleted or Numbered List :
      1. Type the text for the list, separating items with carriage returns.
      2. Highlight the list you want to add bullets or numbers.
      3. Click on either the “Bullet” or “Numbered List” button.
  3. Click on the ’Update Page’ button.

Please watch the video here.


Congratulations! You’ve just formatted text on a web page!

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