How do I remove a link from my Ubertor website’s Links page?

You can remove a link from your Ubertor website’s Links page in 5 easy steps: 

NOTE : Links that have been added automatically by using the “Quick Start Links” option can not be removed from this page, although they can be hidden from visitors. 

  1. Login to the Control Panel of your Ubertor website and click on the ’Pages’ tab.
  2. Click on ’Links’ under the Main Menu section.
  3. Find the link you wish to remove in the list on the “Manage Your Links” page.
  4. Click on [delete] to remove the link or the [hide] to hide it from your Links page. The [delete] link will remove the link entirely from your website.
    • If the link was brought in via the Quick Start Links, click [hide] to hide the link.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed a link from your Ubertor website.

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