How can I emulate a directory structure with my Ubertor website software?

You can emulate a directory structure on your Ubertor website in 4 easy steps!

  1. You will need the SEO Enhancement feature enabled for your website; if you’re not certain whether yours is enabled, you can visit the "Enhancements" tab to determine if it has been previously purchased and enabled
    • Under "UberBoosters", the "Module: SEO" package will say "Already Purchased"
  2. Determine the structure you want for your Ubertor website; most often, this is dictated by the structure of a previous site to retain page rank and search results from Search Engines
  3. Go to your Control Panel, log in, and navigate to "Update Website" > "Update a Page"
  4. Select each page you want to update and update the "Page Name" to reflect the path to the site
    • The software will impose some restrictions on how you can specify the paths to the pages on your Ubertor website
      • The path will be relative to the "root" of your Ubertor website (e.g.Home.php will be accessible via
      • The path cannot start with a "/", nor should it contain any special characters
      • To emulate a directory, specify the path of the folder (e.g. content/en-us)
        • This page will then act as its own index, and respond to content/en-us, content/en-us/ and content/en-us/index.php.
      • Particular pages (those with the Ubertor logo) cannot be relocated; they are necessary (as they are) for the proper functioning of the Ubertor software (e.g. Properties.php)
      • The software may inform you that certain paths are invalid (, as this directory already exists on your Ubertor website
    • Click "Update Page" to save your changes
    • The "View this webpage" link will now take you to the page at the newly specified location

Congratulations! Once complete, your Ubertor website should now possess the expected site layout and will respond appropriately to your visitors and to Search Engines when a particular page or path is requested!

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