How do I renew my domain?

If your domain was originally registered through Ubertor, you have 3 options for renewing your domain:

  1. You can renew your domain for 5 or 10 years through Ubertor by contacting us at The following pricing structure applies:
    • 5 year .com = $124.95
    • 5 year .ca = $199.95
    • 10 year .com = $249.98
    • 10 year .ca = $399.95
  2. If your domain has expired, you can wait for your domain to come out of redemption (typically 60 days after the domain expires) and then purchase it through another registrar such as
    NOTE: While your domain name is in redemption websites and email addresses that use that domain will not function.
  3. You can transfer your domain to another domain name registrar and renew your domain with them.
    NOTE: You cannot transfer your domain if it is expired; it must be active in order to be transfered.
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