What is an "email alias"?

An "email alias" can be understood as two pieces:

  1. An email address (e.g. john@johnsmithrealty.com)
  2. The email address of a hosted email account to redirect mail to

Email aliases do several things:

  1. They instantly redirect (a.k.a. forward) all email the receive to the email address of the hosted email account.
  2. They preserve the "from" email address of the sender.

Email aliases do not:

  1. Filter for spam.
  2. Collect email for you to download.

Many hosted email accounts can be configured to use your email alias as your "reply-to" email address.  This means that when you send email from a hosted email account, the recipient will see your email alias as the "reply-to" (a.k.a. "from") email address.

You can configure your Ubertor website with an unlimited number of email aliases. 

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