What is Ubertor’s domain name policy?

Ubertor recommends clients register new domain names with http://domains.ubertor.com.  The benefits of doing so are:

  1. The client gets a good deal on the purchase of their domain.
  2. The client has direct control over the domain.
  3. The domain is automatically configured to point to Ubertor’s nameservers.

Ubertor is also a domain name reseller.  We sell and renew domain names ONLY in multiples of 5 years at the following rates:

  • 5 year .com = $124.95
  • 5 year .ca = $199.95
  • 10 year .com = $249.98
  • 10 year .ca = $399.95

Ubertor recommends that all clients who register domains directly through Ubertor transfer their domains to another domain name registrar (such as http://domains.ubertor.com) for better rates and full control over their domains.

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