Why should I switch my DNS to Ubertor?

The Ubertor software works very closely with the Ubertor DNS servers to always keep it up to date on any changes to your domains. Due to the dynamic nature of the Ubertor system, it is possible that your website’s IP address may change. Our system was built to automatically compensate for that by updating the DNS servers immediately should such an event occur. Since we have no way of updating non-Ubertor DNS servers, we strongly recommend that all clients use the Ubertor DNS servers.

But what if I run my Mail somewhere else? They’re asking me to switch my DNS servers to theirs.

Ubertor software has a built in functionality to support third party Mail services through MX records. From within your control panel you can enable MX redirection and you simply need to enter one or more of your Mail provider’s MX servers into our system and we will take care of the rest. In some cases, some Mail providers require you to create a CNAME record for mail.yourdomain.com or webmail.yourdomain.com; while our system does not have the functionality to do this from the control panel (as this is a very advanced feature), our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in making that addition.

I don’t care about all that, I still want to switch away from using Ubertor DNS servers.

We really don’t want to, but we will accommodate. Unfortunately since we’re no longer in control of the DNS for your website we can’t guarantee your website being online in an event of a major maintenance which will change the IP address of your website. Since we built our system around being able to automatically compensate for such events, we do not have a system in place to notify any clients who choose to step outside of our system’s capabilities. If you still want to proceed with this process, we will require a signed disclaimer form from you stating that you are aware that we will not be able to guarantee your website being online should its IP address change.

Please download the PDF attached to this article, read it over, print, sign and then fax to 1-801-749-0574. Upon receipt of this form we will be in contact with you about any additional information you may need in order to use your own DNS severs.

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