How do I switch a site over to use Combustion Video?

First you need to create a Combustion Video account for the new site.

Go to:
Log in with your personal Combustion Video account, if you do not have one, please contact your Supervisor.

Proceed to the "Users" link on top, and then click "New user".

Fill in the form with the client's information, use the site's short name (eg: for, enter ianwatt) for the login, pick a random password for the account, no one is going to need to use this password. Client accounts should NOT have the 'superuser' setting set.

Second you need to switch the site over to hide the old video tab, and enable combustion video support.

Log into the site's control panel with your techsupport login. Along the top of the page navigate to Preferences -> Tools -> Manage Flags.

You will have to do this one at a time; set the value for "Enable cvideo tab", "Enable cvideo syndication" and "Disable old video tab" to 1.

Third, you need to pair the site with the combustion video account.

Still in the control panel, go to Setup -> Video. Enter the login and password you created in step one, into the combustion video section of the page and click "Log In with your Combustion Video Account".

Congratulations! The website is now set up to use Combustion Video.

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