Why does the Property Search page look different from other pages?

The property search page might look different for two reasons:

  1. If the property search is for the wrong agent, then the wrong GMLS ID is being used in the Ubertor Control Panel’s Preferences.
  2. If the wrong banner image is displaying on the property search page, then:
    1. If css is being used to style the banners, double check that a banner image is specified for class .headerfooter.
    2. If the banner is setup through the Control Panel, then make sure that the banner for the Property Search has been set.

If the property search has an outdated version of the site’s template or menu structure, then you might need to flush the GMLS cache.

Flush the Cache for the site in GMLS:

  1. append "?flush_cache=1" to the end of the property search URL.
    For Example: http://gmls.ubertor.com/mls/0000000/listing/search?flush_cache=1

Alternatively, you can also flush the cache while logged into GMLS:

  1. Log into GMLS and edit the agent who owns the website.
  2. Click the ’Flush Header and Footer’ link to the right of the agent’s name


  • If the site is a Pyro1 site, double check that the agent has the feature ’Small Preview’
  • This change is requred whenever the menu structure is changed within a Pyro2 site.
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