Can I make my website ’Under Construction’ ?

You can make your website display Under Construction in 8 easy steps:

  1. Log in to the control panel of your website
  2. Click ’Set Up’
  3. Click ’Template Design’
  4. If you’re working with a Left or Right Navigation, set default banner to ’Hide’. If you’re working with a Top Navigation, set default banner and masthead to ’Hide’.
  5. Now, click ’Pages’, and scroll to the bottom and click ’New Main page’. Label this page, ’Under Construction’, and write text that you want the visitor to see. Most likely the text will read ’Under Construction’.
  6. Click ’Create Page’.
  7. Click ’Pages’ (top of the screen) and hover the magnifying glass of the page you just created, and select ’Move to Front’. This will display this page as your home page.
  8. Hover the magnifying glass of each and every one of your other pages and select ’Hide’.



Congratulations! You have successfully created a ’Under Construction’ website.

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