How to use jQuery in Ubertor without conflicting with Prototype JavaScript framework?

Ubertor’s javascript platform uses Prototype JavaScript framework . It’s basically what runs most of the dynamic functionality and effects for pages that utilizes AJAX and javascript animation such as the property search, slideshow, map pages. The main DOM element selector function is $().

JQuery uses the same function, $(), as their DOM element selector. When JQuery is loaded Prototype’s $() function is replaced by JQuery’s. This, unfortunately, renders the functionality that relies on the Prototype’s selector such as the dynamic property search that uses Prototype JavaScript framework.

It is recommended that a Prototype implementation be used instead of JQuery’s to take advantage of the JavaScript framework that is already available. However, JQuery could be implemented in such a way that it won’t conflict with Prototype Javascript framework. This is by calling JQuery’s noConflict() function.

There are several ways of implementing JQuery noConflict(). A simple example is:

This is how it would look in the page’s custom header or footer.

Further documentation could be found in .

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