What is the best way to clean up junk code from my pages?

Copying and pasting from other sources like Word or any other sites can create junk HTML code on your pages when using the Page Editor. Here you have a few easy steps to cleaning it:

  1. You’d need to open a very stable web browser for this. We recommend you use Google Chrome because other browsers might freeze when handling junk code.
  2. Log into your control panel 
  3. Click Pages
  4. Hover over the magnifying glass and click Edit Raw Page Content
  5. Copy the HTML and go to http://infohound.net/tidy/
  6. Paste the HTML into the HTML box, then tick "Clean" and click on "Tidy"
  7. You’ll get the new clean code. Just copy from the beginning of the BODY tag until the end of it then paste it on your Ubertor HTML box.
  8. Save changes.

Congratulations! You now have a clean HTML code on your page!

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